visiting us?  

Things to know when visiting The Rock.

Where are we located and what time are our services? 

Our Church building is located at 28 Copeland Street, Kingswood NSW, with service starting at 10am every Sunday.

Is there a dress code?

No. We simply want you to feel like you're spending time with family not meeting with the bank manager.

What kind of church is The Rock, and who are we a part of?

The Rock is a non denominational congregation.

We have a strong emphasis on biblical teaching, we love passionate praise, we are presence driven to be a practical influence in our community and we take God very personally.

The Rock is known in our community and throughout greater Sydney for its serving heart towards those that are most vulnerable and poor. 

We believe that Church is not a building where people gather but rather a movement of people being both the hands and feet of Father God.

The Rock is affiliated with Crosslink Christian Network.

See more about CCN here.

Do we offer Children's church?

Yes we do! Children's church commences at 11am after worship.

What about space for mums with babies?

We have a mum's and babies creche area with a view of the service so mums don't miss out.

Do you require people to give money or donations?

Simple answer is NO. We do not require or request that anyone give in order to be a part of The Rock Community. People who consider this their spiritual home are given the opportunity to contribute during every service to support our house financially. We believe that we should give because we GET TO not because we HAVE TO.