Pastor Daryl James 

Pastor Daryl James has been a friend and mentor to this house for many years. Daryl has been a mature voice guiding, supporting and discipling our leadership and congregation through many seasons.

Daryl is married to his lovely wife Monica who together travel worldwide providing freedom to many through discipleship. 

our friends & partners

Crosslink Christian Network seeks to provide elements that cannot be provided locally in order for churches and their leaders to function with full liberty and accountability.

The Rock Community Centre joined Pastor Brian Medway and the CCN team in 2010 because their team understand that the main identity of CCN fellowships is with our own locality.


CCN seek to flow in unity with other local churches and the leaders to see whole regions reached for Christ.

Marc and Linda Lawson

166 factor

Marc Lawson has spent over 30 years in full-time ministry. His passion is to do “church as unusual”, exposing people to God’s presence and power in a form that is culturally relevant but untraditional without compromise. He desires to see the Body “do the works of ministry” Jesus spoke of in John 14:12, including miracles, signs, wonders & healing as part of a Kingdom lifestyle.


Both Marc and his wife Linda have become great friends of our house, investing richly into our culture.

Paul and Carey have two main passions - firstly to see the Kingdom of God released around him, and secondly to train and equip others to do the same, both locally and internationally.


Paul carries the Father Heart of God in his approach, as well as demonstrating both the gift of Healing and Prophecy.


Paul has led numerous mission trips, founded and run charities as well as businesses including “Healing on the streets” in Bath and has seen God's power impact and transform many who have encountered Jesus as a reality rather than just a theology.


He desires to father others as they walk as sons and daughters of God being released into their freedom, believing that revival starts with the individual.

“I just set myself on fire and others came to watch me burn” John Wesley.